Hi, I’m Nick Braak

Hi, I’m Nick Braak and this is my official personal website.

Before we go on, you may wonder why this website seems a bit spartan in appearance and content?

Is it because instead of building a “proper website I took a shortcut and created an online-persona-cum-placeholder type of site?

Well yes, that’s mostly true.  You see I claimed this piece of cyberspace for myself (Nick Braak) many years ago, to attain stellar rankings in the Google search results for my own name (Nick Braak) — otherwise, I haven’t posted much over the years.

Arguably it’s been a worthwhile endeavor from a “personal branding” perspective, though not a very exciting one for others to experience, as this site is not currently an insightful or entertaining blog, journal or portfolio, a showcase for my hobbies or much of a window into my personal life.

Still, something brought you here.  So to assist visitors, I have created pages with my bio, something about my work and interests.

Or maybe you just wanted to send me an email? That’s fine, however I don’t post an email address (spam still being such a persistent irritant.) Instead, if you do want to get in touch feel free to use the contact form and it’ll reach me quickly.

If you prefer Social Media, I am not active on Facebook, but you can learn more about and potentially follow or connect with me over on Twitter @NickBraak, at LinkedIn, at my professional website Internet Forensics Experts or at my business website Highwick Ventures.

Nick (Nicholas) Braak
December 2018