Hi, I’m Nick Braak


Before we go on, you may be wondering why this website seems a bit spartan in appearance and content?

Yes, it’s true that I have claimed this piece of cyberspace for myself (Nick Braak) and attained stellar rankings in the Google search results. A worthwhile endeavor from a “personal branding” perspective, though not a very exciting one for others to experience.

In fact, some say this is not a “proper website.” Or even that I’m merely trying to create an online persona (something that I know a little about, professionally speaking.)

Here’s the truth… it’s all by design. This is what could be called a “placeholder” style website in the jargon of the web world. It’s not a blog, journal, portfolio, a repository for writings, images, a showcase for my hobbies or a window into my personal life. I still believe in privacy as a choice.

Still, something brought you here.

Maybe you wanted to send me an email? That’s fine, however I don’t post an email address (spam still being such a persistent irritant.) Instead, if you do want to get in touch feel free to use the contact form and it’ll reach me quickly.

I am not active on Facebook, but you can try to learn more about and potentially connect with me over on Twitter @NickBraak, at LinkedIn and at my business website Highwick Ventures.

Nick (Nicholas) Braak
December 2018

Bio and Background

Name: Nicholas Braak (rhymes with Quark.) I generally go by Nick Braak.
Current Location: The North-Eastern United States.
Originally From: Cape Town, South Africa. I emigrated in 1979.
Citizenship: The United States, since 1986.
Places lived: London, England 1979 – 1981. New York City 1981 – 2001. Santa Fe, New Mexico 2002 -2003. Then Massachusetts and back to the New York City area.
Languages spoken: American English, English, some rusty Afrikaans.
Education: The one that’s proven most useful is my post-grad degree from the University of Life (The New York City campus.) Our school motto: If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.
Family & other personal details: I’m a fairly private and privacy conscious person…. so some things stay off the ‘net.
In my own words: I’m altruistic, a fan of privacy, simplicity, truth, fewer interruptions and less email.

Work. Career. Business.

I am the founder of Highwick Ventures, a boutique Cyber Investigative and Cyber Risk Management consultancy.

I love working at the risk/reward intersection of the social online world – social media, cybercrime, privacy, fraud, identity, Internet law, reputation, risk, threats and future unknowns.

I am fascinated by scams, fakes, cybercriminals, Internet fraud, Social Media risks and rewards, online identity and related dark yet fun topics. Along with modern business, communication, entrepreneurial topics and things and people who are trying to improve our world in small and big ways.

My LinkedIn profile has all the details.

A few of my favorite things

Internet, Big Ideas, Macro Economics, Psychology, Road Trips, Flow, Cycling, Quiet Spaces, Roadside Architecture, Country & Western, House Music, Post Punk, Reading, Regional Cuisine, Back roads, Design, Mountains, The Great American West And The Southwest, Humor, Humour, Americana, Gardening, Slowing Down, New England, New Mexico, Off Roading, Umami.

Fun Facts

  • I first went online in 1983 (CompuServe @ 300 baud.) Been hooked ever since.
  • Strangers ask me for directions wherever I go, even when I’m lost too. Must be the eyeglasses and that I seem approachable?
  • I sometimes see things that others overlook. That comes in handy in my chosen line of work.
  • I am and always have been a fast reader and a bit a sponge for info. That too comes in handy in my chosen line of work.

Favorite Quotes

“I never remember feeling tired by work, though idleness exhausts me completely.” – Sherlock Holmes

“When you’re safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure you wish you were safe at home” – Thornton Wilder

One from my bucket list

In 2008 I acquired an unmarked shiny black Ford Crown Victoria V8 Police Interceptor from a suburban Kansas City Police Dept. I then drove it back cross-country to New York – much to the chagrin of speeding motorists in six states.

Less than a year later the car was stolen in Manhattan – much to MY chagrin and the disbelief of the NYPD.